About Us

In short, we’re anything but ordinary. From the user-friendly, stand-out websites we design to the technologies we hand-craft, we want to be tell-everyone-in-your-phonebook great. It’s who we are, as the hands behind seamless functionality, the minds behind trend-setting designs, and the people behind long-lasting partnerships.


From website hosting pricing to managed hosting pricing, we’re bringing you the tailored software solutions you’ll like, at a price point you’ll love. Easing the weight from your shoulders, without weighing your wallet down.


It’s how we’re able to build tailored solutions around your most ambitious goals, bridging the gap between your business, and the type of online presence you deserve – secure, functional, and undeniably head-turning.


It’s true. We don’t want to just think outside of the box. We want our own box, exploding with tomorrow’s technology, increased functionality, and the type of visuals that get everybody talking. No biggie.


We may be forward thinkers, but we’re pressing rewind, in an effort to revive the lost art of customer service. The type to never leave you waiting for a response, with a pledge to always go the extra mile, or three.

Our Driving Force

Joshua Rakoski


We could tell you about what great hands you’re in – but we’d prefer to let Joshua’s track record speak for itself. A self-confessed geek – as the founder of a company named after his flair for technology, Simpligeek – Joshua has never been the type of digital transformation consultant to settle for less than excellence.

In short, he set out to be the change he wanted to see in the technology industry, and with a visionary mind, a knack for innovation, and an insatiable appetite for quality, Joshua has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s a reputation that sparked Joshua’s move from Simpligeek to Finova Studios; a strategic rebrand, where creativity and innovation collide.

And while Joshua may be known for his intricate solutions, he has a passion for making the complex simple. It’s his way of making innovation accessible and making digital transformations a right of passage when working with Finova Studios.